Young Achievers celebrated in Magazine

Twenty outstanding young people from the London Borough of Barnet feature in the 2016 Beyond The Class (BTC) Young Achievers Magazine

Pioneered by Nutmeg, BTC is an annual magazine which showcases and champions outstanding young people aged 16-15. After a competitive nomination and short-listing process that reached over 3000 people, 20 young people were selected to feature in the magazine, based on their achievements in areas such as: Community, Politics, Art, Sport, Academics and Business. The judging panel consisted of members of the Nutmeg Youth Action team, click here to view the magazine online

The magazine was officially launched on Thursday 12th May and features stories of young achievers to inspire the borough’s youth. Salah Khalifa, a Muay Thai world champion, and Sophia Thakur, a renowned spoken word artist, are among 20 Barnet people whose achievements are being highlighted in the magazine.

CEO of Nutmeg Community, Rui Octavio has said of the project: “At Nutmeg we’re passionate about raising awareness of the excellent contribution young people in Barnet make to our community. We want to encourage the community to view young people more positively, and give them more recognition and support.”

BTC 2016 magazine is kindly supported by Hammerson PLC, Barnet Council, The Barnet Group, and the Tudor Trust. Click here to view the magazine online, it features the following young people:

1. Ann-Marie Odusoga, 18, Politics

2. Beatrice Gmur-Pierre, 17, Community

3. Deryll David, 19, Sport

4. Elsadiq Salim, 18, Community

5. Emiel Durbal, 16, Arts

6. Garance Zinzen, 16, Politics

7. Honor Evans, 16, Business

8. Jen Fidai, 21, Community

9. Jenny Fairclough, 16, Sport

10. Joanna Menkiti,16, Academics

11. Jordan Dominic Makaveli McMurry, 18, Arts

12. Kusai Rahal, 18, Politics

13. Perola Congo, 21, Music

14. Salah Khalifa, 24, Sport

15. Sharmarke Dhaquane, 18, Community

16. Sophia Thakur, 20, Arts

17. Tanya Capone-Taylor, 20, Business

18. Temi Mwale, 20, Communtiy

19. Tosin Ilembola, 17, Politics

20. Tyrese Nana Adu Gyamfi, 17, Community