Barnet Youth Board: EU referendum

We have collaborated with Barnet Youth Board to create a series of 4 blogs, getting youth opinion on a range of political issues. The opinions below are from young people aged 11 – 18, who are politically active as members of the Youth Board. This is the second in the series on the topic of the youth vote.

Question: Do you think we have been given enough information about the EU referendum? What more should be done?

“No, the information is biased and nothing has been taught at school. There is no one place to go to get information. Schools should teach it” - Samar Barakat, 18.

“Just tell us the facts in simple language on leaflets, websites and adverts – no need for biased ‘complex sounding’ proposals”. - Paniz Nobahari, 15.

“People would probably say no but there is news for kids, children just aren’t aware of it”. - Savan, 11.

“Yes, it is very biased towards staying in the EU”. - Ramisa

“No, because many of us did not learn about or get the opportunity to understand it. Also, many schools have not given as much information to the people as Ashmole (Academy) has”. - TJ, 14.

“No, because the advantages and disadvantages are not clear. The arguments are not given in a simple form, for others to understand”. - Odysseas, 17.

“The information is out there and available for people to find, but young people (under 18) don’t see the point in trying to become informed. They can’t vote and so don’t see the point of getting involved! Education on politics is lacking, but maybe if lessons about politics were implemented into the school curriculum, young people would take a more active role in politics”. - Garance Zinzen, 16.