Barnet Youth Blog: What should the Mayor prioritise?

We have collaborated with Barnet Youth Board to create a series of four blogs, getting youth opinion on a range of political issues. The opinions below are from young people aged 11 – 18, who are politically active as members of the Youth Board. This is the third in the series on the topic of the youth vote.

Question: What should the Mayor prioritise for young Londoners? Given details of what you think the Mayor should put first and why.

“Housing. Living in London is incredibly expensive, even when renting. Making cheaper housing available for young people will allow them to live in comfortable, safe locations whilst studying or entering the workforce” - Garance Zinzen, 16.

“The Mayor should focus on crime prevention. This is because traditionally […] the main role of authorities was to ensure the protection of its citizens. As it is the state’s main role, it should be the priority. If it is not done, it is unlikely the authorities will be able do anything else” - Odysseas, 17.

“Education. In outer school activities, such as politics and economics, many young Londoners don’t have a good understanding of how the world works” - TJ, 14.

“Free travel till they finish University. Unique, small charities should also be funded, instead of funding new projects”. - Ramisa.

“They should make sure schoolchildren feel safe coming back from school” – Savan, 11.

“Schools. Turning schools into academies is bad. Stopping cuts made to mental health services and schools, as they are important and we are the people of the future. Schools need councillors because it is causing more trouble than it’s solving”. – Paniz Nobahari, 15.

“Provide services for young people, such as youth centres. It would keep the young off the streets”. – Samar Barakat, 18.