Jagger M: Inspirational Institutions around Barnet: Barnet Bulldogs

Jagger is a committed community reporter for Nutmeg, he's also a keen basketball player and is looking to promote the sport in the area.

This is the first part to a series that I hope to continue throughout the coming weeks, this series aim is to focus in on inspirational institutions in and around the London borough of Barnet. This is also made to help the organisations gain funding (if it is lacking) and also to help promote the organisation.

The first organisation is the Barnet Bulldogs Basketball Club, this organisation has been running for a little over 15 years. Allowing both boys and girls around Barnet aged around 7-18 to play basketball in save environments around Barnet, the Barnet Bulldogs have had very strong teams in past and presently have very strong under 14 and under 16 national league sides. The organisation is run by Ted Polson and his son (who is the main coach to all teams) Neville Polson.

However over the last 3 years or so times have been hard on the Barnet Bulldogs, lack of funding for the Basketball club from Barnet council, the Metropolitan police and the recent cuts from the government to Basketball England have hampered the Bulldogs the attempts to help the youth of Barnet. Due to the lack of funding the bulldogs have had to cancel a stable of their Basketball program the Friday night scrimmage, which is a night of just basketball games.

The bulldogs remain positive, they still run their main fixture of their basketball program ‘fundamentals’ every Saturday from 11am-1pm and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

If you are interested in the club or know of some funding opportunities please contact Ted Polson on: 07894758672 or email him at: barnetbulldogs@hotmail.com