Anon: Dealing with Exam Stress

This article about exam stress was submitted anonymously by an A Level student who's been there! If you can relate to this experience and want to share your story please get in touch with us.

Exam stress can definitely be one of the most harrowing experiences any teenagers will have to go through: whether it is only a fairly small amount or an overly obsessive amount, the anxiety that comes along with exam can have serious consequences on both your physical and psychological and health.

From my personal experience, I understand exactly how much exam stress can take over many aspects of your life, and with it, feeling like the pain of never being good enough never goes away. I remember the days when all my friends would go out and have fun, and as I would be too preoccupied with worrying about all the revision I have to do and exam grades, I would often miss out on these opportunities of being a normal, stress-free teenager.

If there’s one thing I have learnt from dealing with exam stress, it is to never let it get on top of you as exam, grades don’t and should not define who you are, and that life should be more about taking care of yourself and building your perspectives.