Lena Padaruth and Henna Lal: Don't Trust Atoms, They Make Up Everything

Like everyone we all go through that hypertensive crisis the night before the exam. The moment when you flick through the exam paper to realise that nothing you have revised has come up. From my personal experience, I know what it feels like when you start to panic because you’ve completely forgotten a year’s worth of work and all you can hear is the ticking of the clock as it comes down to the remaining few minutes of the end of exam, mentally laughing to yourself as you realise you’ve hammered that U. The walk of shame as you bow your head and try to slither out of the exam hall, avoiding any potential eye contact with your fellow A** peers. Then the inevitable moment where you find yourself dragged into a crowd of Einstein’s who are discussing their answers and then… you realise that the answer to John having a total of 4 apples in one hand and 3 in another isn’t that he has big hands. Running home, unlocking the door and throwing yourself onto your bed, you hear the all too familiar footsteps and like on impulse you know who it is and what she’s going to ask. ‘How was the exam?’, and like the devil itself everything from there goes downhill….

But chin up children, that’s the life of A-level students and ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’