EU Referendum: Employment for the young

Almira is a 21 year old, final year Law student. She enjoys yoga, meditation and writing. She reports on real issues affecting society and feels strongly that everyone should use their vote. Read her reasons here:

The EU referendum vote in my view will be one of the biggest changes in history since 1972; when we entered into the EU. Since 1972, we have seen a massive change over 40 years, for example, we have seen countries’ economies and agriculture grow after the Cold War. We have also seen the population increase rapidly and witness new businesses grow on an international scale.

A vote in leaving the EU may have a reverse effect on these developments or even create a new direction altogether.

Today in our society, employment is one of the biggest issues young people will ever face. Employment in the UK has rapidly decreased since the 1960s and young people more than ever are desperate to secure good jobs for themselves. Unemployment also affects health, and hospitals have seen a rise in mental health cases.

Without the EU and the freedom to move around, young people, such as myself, will not gain a better chance at getting work. If the employment rate is already not good in the UK, it will be even worse if we leave the EU.

We need migration and the freedom to move around the globe, in order to, improve our living conditions. Although in the past, the government has viewed negatively the UK’s membership in EU because it has increased migration, this is only one factor alone. Migration also has many advantages because it allows businesses to create jobs and individuals to also explore the globe.

More than ever it is important for young people to cast a vote on the EU referendum and imagine in 10 years’ time where would they be.