Nutmeg Community Young journalist: Winning Entry!

Eliana Sebastian's entry to the Nutmeg Young Journalist Competition, sponsored by Hendon Rotary Club, impressed our panel so much she was awarded first place in the 11-15 category. The announcement was made at the Nutmeg Awards Evening at Hendon town hall on December 10th. The question set was: Describe a United Community. Read her entry below:

I want you to think of the number one, it’s easy to think of right? Now I want to you to think of seven billion people, seems a lot harder doesn’t it? Seven billion people across the world spread love no matter who they are. But it’s up to them to decide how they spread the love, do they help their brothers and sisters? Do they feel sympathy or empathy? When someone is kidnapped or killed do they cry and weep and help put candles and flowers on their grave and help that family? Or do they leave them falling apart? Everyone has the power to help a fallen man crawl back up strong and bold. They can make their neighbours be less insecure. In this world I believe the most powerful thing for mankind isn’t weapons, but speech. You can choose to use it wisely or unwisely. So many different things can happen with just five words or less! So much hate happens, yet we all fight back for the side we believe and help others. We don’t just fight for us, we fight for them. Every single person in the world has so much to give, and the way they do that is through community. Community is our non-blood relatives. Community is so important, generations learn from us, and what we do. They are influenced by our actions and they judge whether it’s good or not, but I do know one thing, sure we won’t be forever but those two words will stick to them like glue, ‘United Community’ because they will see the beauty and peace; and that man isn’t just a monster, but a humble mammal. It’s all thanks to those two words. Speech maybe changes things, but so do actions.