Nutmeg Young Leader: Kusai Rahal

Kusai Rahal was awarded as Nutmeg Community's Young Leader 2015 on the 10th December at an exclusive awards evening at Hendon Town hall. He also gave a speech to share his experience of volunteering with Nutmeg. Read his speech below:

Hi everyone, my name is Kusai, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my involvement with nutmeg and how it has helped shape me and my personality. My involvement with nutmeg began in October, I went to the first youth action team meeting where I met the other people, and they told us why we are here, I knew that this was the beginning of something new. Joining nutmeg played a big role in my personal development. I remember in the first meeting, Rui told us that we will be meeting with CEO’s and big people from the local council and even the government, at first I didn’t believe him, I thought why would the government care about young people, they do nothing to help us. But about 9 months down the line we have a meeting with the CEO of the Barnet council for our first campaign, called let there be light.

I never thought of volunteering before nutmeg, my experience with nutmeg helped me get my first ever job, it has also inspired me to inspire others young people to do more and get their voices heard, which is why me and a very good friend of mine who I met through the youth action team, Ann-Marie, decided to set up a youtube channel called Speakout Generation, where we aim to engage young people in politics by highlighting social and political issues that impact their lives. Nutmeg has inspired me to do more, rather than sit there complaining how the government doesn’t help young people, I am now actively working on projects to make our voices heard, we are the future of this country and we will not be ignored. I owe a big thank you to Darwin, Phoebe and Rui for making this possible! Thank you!