Call for Submissions: Young People and Politics, London Mayoral Election.

We are welcoming our second round of submissions from young writers and vloggers as part of our young people and politics series. Entries accepted from young people aged 14-25.

With the Mayoral Election just round the corner and recent surveys showing that only 43% if young people voted in the general election, there are concerns that the turnout among your generation will be low. So what can we do?

We know that many of you are passionate about politics, and we believe that you hold the key to inspiring your peers to be engaged. That's why we have launched our Politics and Young People blog series. The series started in April and will run until the EU referendum in June

Many have you have already submitted articles and vlogs on the topics you care about, such as: Should 16 year olds vote? Why should you care about the Mayor? And, what does EU mean to you? But we still have more today before the elections in May and June.

We are looking for our second round of submissions by Thursday 28th April, and we will be publishing them all from Monday 2nd May till Thursday 5th. We’ll promote the blogs through our social media which reaches loads of young people every day, your articles will inspire them to vote before the ballots close on Thursday.

Questions are provided below to guide your submissions: All articles should be about 200 – 300 words long, we also accept short vlogs.

1. None of the above: Why I want this option on my ballot paper
Tell us why you think the UK should introduce a none of the above option on our ballots.

2. What should the new Mayor prioritize for young Londoners?
Give your opinion and argument around what the new Mayor should prioritise (whoever they may be) to support the young people that call London home.

3. Why should you care about the Mayor: An overview of the role of the Mayor and what they do for you.
Explain simply the role of the Mayor, this may encourage those who don’t think this election is important.

4. Use your vote: Let's turn the low youth turn out around!
Speak out and encourage your peers to get out there and use their vote on May 5th.

To submit your article email with the subject Politics Blog