Milli Mathews: Young Londoners and the Mayor

This blog has been written by Milli Mathews, 24, as part of our Young People and Politics series. Milli is a frequent blogger for Nutmeg and gets to the heart of the issues young people today face. Read her latest blog on the London Mayor election below:

The responses provided by the Barnet Youth Board to the question “What should the Mayor prioritise for young Londoners?” appear to reflect the concerns of many of their peers. Data from Bite the Ballot shows that education, housing and jobs are among the main priorities. And rather conveniently the likes of the BBC and Metro have summarised some of the mayoral candidates’ policies.

In my old age I will admit that I have become something of a cynic. As much as I would like the newly elected Mayor to follow through on all their promises of more affordable housing and a greater focus on the teaching of STEM subjects, the realist in me is doubtful this will happen. As an underemployed twenty-four year old still living at home (in zone 4), things are difficult. It’s not the upwards social and professional trajectory I had envisioned. It is unsurprising to hear that unemployment in London is two and a half times higher for 16-24 year old than it is for those aged 25-64. Add to that the news that the average rent in London is now £1,543. I’m not even going to bother researching the average price of property in London because quite frankly I don’t need the hurt. And God forbid I want to travel anywhere. That £9.30 quickly adds up. Okay, pity party over.

What I am trying to get at is that young Londoners want to know that there is a future for them in London. Personally, I want to see more action and less talking. No disrespect to politicians but their promises have a tendency to be broken. Either way whoever is elected tonight will truly have their work cut out for them.

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