Meet Milli

Milli got involved with Nutmeg as a community reporter as she wanted to build connections in her local community. Her experience led to further volunteering in the office based, Communication Volunteer role. In her time with Nutmeg Milli has gain a lot more than community connections, read her story here:

My experience with the charity began in winter of last year when I applied through Do-It to join them as a Community Reporter. Despite living in Barnet for the past ten years, I knew relatively little about my local community; this would be a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on some of its most extraordinary residents, giving them a voice and generally get to know my community. As an added bonus there would be opportunities to develop valuable skills.

Through taking part in Community Reporters scheme, I heard that Nutmeg had a Communications Volunteering opportunity based in the office. I decided to apply mainly out of curiosity but also to acquire new skills, such as updating web content and putting together profiles for BTC magazine.

My time as a Communications volunteer has afforded me a much better understanding and appreciation of some of the work the team at Nutmeg do. Attending a session of Woodhouse College’s Mixed Media and Journalism Programme provided an insight into this, while working on Nutmeg’s social media accounts gave me an insight into building an online presence. Having taken over their Twitter account for a few hours, I have gained a plentiful supply of motivational and inspirational hashtags!

I couldn’t write about my time with Nutmeg and not mention Beyond the Class magazine, which celebrated the achievements of the Borough of Barnet's twenty most inspirational young people. Many spreadsheets, Word documents and emails later, to be holding a copy of it my hands was the same feeling I imagine most to have holding their firstborn for the first time. Yet, the magazine was made possible thanks to the achievements of those twenty young people. I was completely oblivious to the talent and generosity of spirit of these inspirational individuals but bringing public attention to these positive stories is at the heart of Nutmeg Community. At the magazine launch I felt a tremendous sense of pride and meeting some of the featured young achievers was the icing on the cake. Without a shadow of doubt working on the magazine has been my personal highlight.

The past few months have equipped me with me with an array of new skills but I am especially thankful for the confidence I have gained in my writing. Whilst my blog posts are hardly Pulitzer-worthy, I have enjoyed writing them and this has contributed to an interest in pursuing a more creative career.

Volunteering in the office and feeling part of the Nutmeg team has been truly wonderful and I would like to thank Nutmeg Community for this opportunity.