Meron encourages young people to have a growth mindset

Meron is a first-year A-level student studying Maths, Biology and Psychology at a College in North West London.

Meron is young achiever from North West London who is currently doing A-levels. Here are Meron's thoughts on education, inspiration and career choices.

Growing up, I've always had a fond of creativeness. From playing the guitar, to performing arts and travelling.I find my deepest interest through exploring more about what this incredible world has to offer. I do this through music, reading and interacting with other people and most importantly, reflecting. My goal inevitably is still being searched for, but I hope my future entails many challenges and opportunities for exploration.

It's the enjoyment and excitement that I get out of learning that motivates me every day to enter College with a thirst for more knowledge. I enjoy taking my own perspective when studying a subject. That's one of the reasons I intend on studying Psychology at university, due to its lateral approach and great depths into which it can reveal a lot about the human mind.

If you're struggling to discover what interests you, as I did so myself, the best advice to give you would be to talk to people. Never hesitate to ask a teacher what it's like being a teacher or asking your doctor what they find the most stimulating aspect of their job. You may find a correlation between them and yourself.

My most important piece of advice for any young person that wants to achieve something extraordinary is to BELIEVE that you're pretty much capable of anything! When dedicating your adolescent years to something such as education or arts, you're doing it with the pursuit of aiming to be somewhere or become someone. Try to develop a mindset where your much more orientated on achieving short term aims, which will eventually help to achieve your goals. Lastly, find your own niche, that special thing about you that makes you and independent, resilient and a unique individual, because you are probably capable of more than you think!