By Matthew, aged 14

When I first heard that lockdown was going to be enforced, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to upgrade myself, expand my skill set and knowledge.

I didn’t do much in the first few weeks except relax. But one day, my cousin sent me a Zoom link to a group workout session with family and friends. At first I found it difficult to attend on time, due to my sleeping pattern being disrupted by a lack of routine. But once I developed a routine, I enjoyed the workout sessions and decided to continuously participate, as it is something that I found very beneficial during lockdown. I hadn’t been outdoors for about a month, until I decided that I needed to at least exercise outside too, so I ended up playing basketball at a nearby park.

About 3 weeks into lockdown, I got a call from my school informing me that I’m going to start online classes instead of being assigned work. I thought it was going to be quite laid back, but everything was scheduled. Registration starts at 9am, lessons are 1 hour long with 30 minutes breaks in between, we set assignments and homework to complete. My mind had adapted to a relaxed routine, so I struggled at first then it reverted to normal and it would go back and forth.

I’ve also been making meals by learning new recipes and occasionally I bake with my sister. If you’re bored at home, struggling to find some entertainment during lockdown I strongly recommend for you train yourself mentally and physically, expand your knowledge, could be in sports, cooking, anything that interests you. Try to find new hobbies. Hope this article was helpful to you, that you find something entertaining to do and use your time wisely.