Youth Action Team Blog: SpeakOut Generation, for Young People, by Young People

Nutmeg Youth Action Team members, Ann-Marie and Kusai, have started their own YouTube Channel called SpeakOut Generation. Read their story here:


SpeakOut Generation is an organization that hopes to empower the young people, by making regular videos that highlight social and political issues that affect the youth of today. On this channel we have a series called Sunday Sofa Politics, where we (Ann-Marie and Kusai) sit on a sofa and discuss contemporary political issues such as, racism (both general and institutional), the key members of the U.K. government and their plans, educational issues, and many more.

It started off as a simple desire in Ann-Marie to start off a YouTube channel at the beginning of 2015, but she could not decide on the topic. In the time running up to the General Election, she realized that there was an overwhelming amount of political apathy amongst, not only her friends, but the young people on social media as well and so decided to start a YouTube channel that talks about political issues. With no idea on how to execute this idea she decided to asked for help from Kusai, who she met through the Nutmeg Youth Action Team, and also wanted to create a project to combat political apathy amongst young people. Kusai, who is extremely politically active, in the UK and elsewhere, by appearing on the Big question and studying politics in one of the UK’s leading universities for research, Queen Mary.

After many late meetings in McDonald's, after long days of school, we finally plucked up the courage to buy a camera, a tripod, a microphone, and some lights. We knew that this was a big step forward in the right direction, and it will take time and effort to get the channel where want it to be, but we decided to go ahead with it and put this idea into action.

SpeakOut generation is a channel for young people, by young people. We noticed that there was no channel similar to our idea, most YouTube channels has older people addressing issues that concern young people. Once we noticed this ‘gap in the market’ so to speak, we decided to ‘fill the gap’ because we believe young people would be able to relate to other young people similar to themselves.

We take a relaxed, informal approach to our videos, to make sure it is not like a lecture but a conversation between us and the viewers, so they don’t get bored. We always ask for interaction, by asking them to leave their views in the comment section, if they have something to say they can just say it.

We make sure that our videos are not too long, we aim for approximately 5-7 minutes per episode. When we were deciding on the length, we put ourselves in the viewer’s shoes, we didn’t want to sit there for 10-15 minutes watching two people on a sofa talk about something, let alone our viewers. We thought 5-7 minutes is the perfect time, it is the time it takes to scroll down your twitter feed aimlessly or going through your friends Snapchat stories, or even watching adverts in between TV shows. These 5-7 minutes you spend watching our show is short concise and to the point, it is 100% informative. So what’s a better way to make 5-7 minutes of your day useful than watching our videos?

We’ve invested our money and time into something we believe in, we understand that we are still a new channel, and our goals seem farfetched to most people, but we believe as long as we are consistent and resilient, we could make them a reality. The obstacles we have faced are nothing like the obstacles to come, and we look forward to surpass them.

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This blog was written by Nutmeg Volunteers Kusai and Ann-Marie.