Memuna Rashid: What the EU means to me?

Memuna, 16, is an A Level student at Woodhouse College. She is interested in politics and activism. She's become frustrated with the EU debate, read her reasons here:

I have a very complicated relationship with the EU. The EU has its merits, for example, we can work and live in EU states if we choose to. We also benefit from employment laws and social protections from the EU. There are also many jobs that were created from our membership to the EU.

However, the Eu isn't without its problems. For example, the Greece debt crisis showed the enormous amount of control the institution has on its member states. Greece has been forced to implement a program of austerity which can be argued to have further damaged the Greek economy.

There are also internal issues such as lack of consensus among member states on critical issues such as how to solve the refugee crisis. I do not believe the EU is a brilliant institution, but I do believe we are in a better position to change things in rather than out. Leaving the EU could potentially mean we still follow EU regulations without us having a voice at the table.

I am however very disappointed about how the arguments on both sides have been presented. The In campaign has repeatedly used the phrase "leap in the dark", without further expansion. The Out campaign has not been much better. It has supplied information that has not been verified and has vilified immigrants.

I just hope we can have a much more sensible debate before the referendum.

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