Youth Parliament blog: Why is it important to have your voice heard?

On 10th of December young people across the London Borough of Barnet gathered at the RAF museum to take part in the borough's first ever youth convention. The aim of the convention was to get young peoples input into the new Barnet charter for children and young people . On the evening, we we're lucky enough to hear from Youth Parliament Member Tosin Ilemobola, who gave this passionate speech:

Why is it important to have your voice heard?

Without wheels a car cannot move, just like without a voice, change couldn’t be made.

Why is it important to have my voice heard? During my term as a member of youth parliament I have learnt how crucial it is to express my views to the community. Having this opportunity has enabled my voice to be turned into actions and issued to be solved. Our voices are so valuable and powerful and deserve to be heard, when used in the right way; we can make a massive difference in the lives around us. Take Malala for example her speech has imprinted onto thousands of lives and she has made a mark in society. For a long time I have found it hard to have my voice heard as I was a very shy person when it came to speaking in front of more than two people, although I was very a passionate about many issues, I kept my opinions and views to myself. I realised that this was not only affecting me but others who couldn’t hear them, knowing that I had incredible ideas and views but was too scared to express them, knowing I had the ability to make a change but too frightened to do so. Joining youth parliament has been my way of expressing my personal views and opinions which I believe could make a significant difference in countless young people’s lives and I am so privileged to have had this remarkable opportunity that will never be forgotten. So I stand here today and tell each one of you to let your voice be heard, find a way to allow your voice to be heard. Be a voice for the voiceless.

By Tosin Ilemobola