Nutmeg Community Touch The Sky!

On the 31st of July, Nutmeg Community were able to provide 15 young people from the London Borough of Barnet with a free trip to the Sky Studios Careers Lab, for a day of free training and workshops.

Many of the outstanding young people selected to attend are currently volunteers with Nutmeg or other local organizations. As well as being a fun and exciting experience to reward these active young people, the trip provided an exposure to all the interesting, career related, opportunities available at Sky.

‘’It was amazing, friendly, educational and really opened my eyes to job prospects in the future’’

Highlights of the day included a tour of the studios, a personal skills survey, and activities designed by Sky staff around news, sports and entertainment programming. We we’re also lucky enough to have a Q&A with Director of Sky1, Adam MacDonald, which clearly had an impact on our participants.

‘’It gave me hope of achieving a good, secure job in the future, meeting the head of Sky1, who initially had no idea what he wanted to become, this made me realize, that maybe the same, if I work, could happen to myself.’’

Needless to say, the attendees represented Nutmeg excellently and made an impression on the Sky Academy team.

‘’I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, including all the chats with both staff and students’’ Sky Academy Volunteer

Having now completed a Sky training session our participants now have access to exclusive apprenticeships, work experience and internship opportunities, which we are sure that our ambitious attendees will take advantage of.

We’d like to thank all the team at Sky Academy for providing us with this opportunity, the team made us feel welcome and gave our volunteers a valuable yet fun experience.