Elena Cooper: Tuition Fees

Hi, I'm Elena Cooper and I'm a student currently studying at Woodhouse College. I'm 16 years old and am interested in journalism as a media outlet.

Going to university, or even thinking about it can bring up many problems which people just simply don’t know how to deal with. Tuition fees, especially, is an issue that SHOULD be addressed in an appropriate manner, yet is simply ‘brushed under the carpet’ like people can ignore it, and most assume that it doesn’t affect people’s lives.

Well, that’s wrong! Increased tuition fees have a major impact on not just deciding what university to go to, but the career choices and lifestyles people pick up on, such as: how to organise your money efficiently, saving on travel and housing expenses, deciding what the most suitable job is for you in order to pay back student loans, and much more. The Liberal Democrats decision to join with the Conservatives in a coalition government devastated many people who were looking forward to having tuition fees scrapped, (especially me!) as this decision would have benefitted many students as well as parents who are wanting to reduce the burden these costs place on students. The increased stress that comes along with managing these money problems as well as the looming threat of debt, can also have a significant impact on studying for exams, which is especially crucial at university. Hopefully, this issue will be dealt with more seriously in the future. If they are not scrapped, at least reduce the costs from £9,000 per annum to £3,000, as this feels like a much more reasonable amount for a student who is going through some of the toughest years of their lives.