Youth Parliament Blog:Why Should Us Youth Have A Voice

On 10th of December young people across the London Borough of Barnet gathered at the RAF museum to take part in the borough's first ever youth convention. On the evening, we we're lucky enough to hear from Youth Parliament Member (and Junior Masterchef finalist!) Terence Dobson or TJ, who gave this passionate speech:

Hi my name is Terence Dobson, known as (TJ) I am presently an active ambassador for us all youths. I am an active ambassador sitting across 9 different Parliament Youth Boards.
I am here to urge you to have a say in the shaping of your future.
Why should us youth have a voice?

(1) I believe that we young people should have a voice, because we should have a say in the shaping of our future.

(2) We are the leaders of tomorrow.

(3) We should be the ones, to set an example for our younger generation to follow.

(4) I urge you young people to take a role and express your feelings through speaking out so the adults can understand your point of view.

(5) We are so fortunate in this country; we are allowed to feel free to express ourselves through work, play, and have exciting debates on politics and on things we should change which is what we are here for etc.

(6) Other youths in different countries are not as fortunate as us, as they are not given the credibility to speak freely on important debates and on what is important to them, I strongly believe that this needs to be change.

(7) There shall be much benefit for us all, as we will have a brighter tomorrow with a healthier and successful future, if we can all express our voices.

(8) I know I will be one of the governments who will be making these decisions one day! So my fellow mates, do you care to join me?

(9) It is known to say by our elders. “Children most speak only when spoken to and most be seen and not to be heard”.
No disrespect to my elders, however I feel this is a new era, and us youths have a lot to say, emotions to share, which would contribute to the shaping of our future.

Thanks for listening TJ.