Almira Mogul - The importance of having your say: Why should I vote?

Almira is a 21 year old, final year, law student She enjoys yoga. meditation and writing. She reports on real issues affecting society, she feels strongly that everyone should use their vote, read her reasons here.

To place a vote has a big impact on our lives. This is because, although to us, it seems like just placing a cross on a piece of paper, the overall impact is that it will contribute to a decision. That decision will change history and impact our future, whether it is bad or good. For example, if Winston Churchill was not elected as Prime Minister, society today would have been completely different. Perhaps we would have not won the war or even would have been in a worse economic situation today.

Moreover, it is times like this that we should remember all the women that fought for their lives to place a vote. A good example of this is the ‘Suffragettes’, a group of women who day after day continued to campaign for their rights to vote and be recognised in society as being equal. If the Suffragettes were lazy and did not bother to fight for their rights, women, like me, today may not even have had a vote and would have to rely on luck. Let us remember whenever we are lazy the deaths of those who fought to be in our position today, to vote and have a say. So next time you feel lazy and don’t think a vote does not count, remember the deaths and the campaigns that got you to this position and remember that simply placing a tick on a white piece of paper will have a larger impact when placed with millions doing the same. To vote or not to vote, is your decision but remember is it really worth it to be lazy?