Youth Action Team Blog: Wigan’s Xtrordinary Youth Zone

Youth Action Team member Rebecca Clark writes on her visit to Wigan Youth Zone with Nutmeg Community:

Last week, I travelled the long journey from London to Wigan in the company of Nutmeg Youth Action Team and Barnet Council to visit Wigan Youth Zone. The point of the visit was to see what a youth zone is actually like, and to see which aspects we particularly liked, since Barnet Council is planning to build a similar one in our local area. Having looked around, I can safely say that it was incredible!

For just 50p, you could do any number of the following activities during an evening session:





1. Sports

- Use the gym (it was top notch – all the equipment had been donated from the 2012 Olympic Games!)

- Go to the fight club (you could use the punch bags or fight in the boxing ring – plus all equipment is provided!)

- Play football, basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton, table tennis, rounders, kwik cricket, athletics training, street golf

- Scale a 10-metre indoor climbing wall

2. Music

- Receive music lessons

- Present or produce a channel on the radio (Wigan Youth Zone radio station)

- Do song writing, DJ-ing or MC-ing

3. Art

- Draw, paint, sew, knit, fashion design, do photography, film etc.

4. Dance

- Learn street, modern, tap, contemporary, world, disco and freestyle dance

- Do aerobics or Zumba

5. Skatepark

- Show off your moves on a skateboard, BMX or scooter (can be provided)

6. Girl’s Room

- Relax while hair styling, painting nails, getting beauty treatments, or learning skills in makeup and body art

7. Rec Area

- Chill out and chat with friends

- Have a game of table tennis, pool, table football or giant Jenga 8. Enterprise sessions

- Learn job skills, including writing CVs, job applications, and preparing for interviews

- Enter national enterprise competitions

Mind = officially blown

After arriving back home, my head was still spinning with the fantastical idea that one could do such a huge number of activities for such a tiny price. The simple fact that I’m still raving about it now hopefully tells you just how amazing it was.

This blog was written by Nutmeg Youth Action Team Member Rebecca Clark.