Final Round of Submissions: Young People and Politics, EU Referendum

Thank you to all of those who have contributed to the Young People and Politics blog series! So far the blog has been a huge success! The articles we have posted have been supported by national campaigns such as the #IWill Campaign and the Votes At 16 Campaign through social media, and we have been reaching high numbers of twitter impressions on tweets promoting posts, some even reaching over 1700 users! We just have one final round of submissions surrounding the EU referendum, read on for full details:

The EU Referendum vote is arguably the most important decision many of us will vote on. It's been reported that young people could swing the vote if there's a high youth turnout on the day. That's why, more than ever, we need you to get involved with the debate and inspire your peers to get active:

We are looking for posts to be submitted by Friday 20th May. As usual posts should be 200-300 words, or alternatively a short vlog. See below for ideas of topics:

1. My relationship with the EU: A personal view on how you feel about the EU.
A personal piece about your relationship with the EU, and the reasons why you care about the result of the EU referendum.

2. EU Referendum: Is the youth vote more important than ever before?
The Guardian recently reported that a high youth turn out could change the result of the EU referendum, can you convince your peers to care?

3. Fix the debate: Is the information we've been given on the EU clear or confusing?
Confused? I think we all are!? What should the government do to ensure voters have the information they need to make an informed decision?

Just email me to submit and I will publish on your behalf.