Joe is a local hero to children and young people

Joe got to where he is today by through his parents and how they raised him, with the motto “say your goal and go for it”. From wanting to be an actor to then changing career paths wanting to be a teacher. He has a massive impact in school from being the one breaks up fights to supporting children who are upset.

When Joe needs inspiration, he has a variety of people to look up to. His parents who never enforced anything onto him but also encouraged him to do his best, his friend Kiaan through his competitiveness and drive to achieve always pushes and his friendship group always there to support him.

During Covid, Joe found himself struggling. Not being book smart lead to him failing behind on his paperwork for his apprenticeships. Furthermore, both his parents being key works and people at risk for virus, caused anxiety.

Even though it’s been a difficult year, Joe has found spending time, helping parents around the house rewarding. Just knowing that he’s able to help, certainly brought comfort to him during this tough time.

Joe is on the path to being successful and when asked about advice he would give to others said this, ‘know where you want to end up, have an image on you in the future, don’t let stuff throw you off and to finish stand up for what you believe in.’