By Jordan, aged 17

If asked how my quarantine was going to go the day Boris Johnson said schools would be closed and the whole country would be on lockdown, you would have seen a boy: confused, nervous, sceptical, anxious and a whole lot of worried feelings. But if you asked me the question now, you’ll see a boy: happy, joyful, excited and relaxed. Lockdown has had different effects on people; some would say they enjoyed lockdown, while others would say it’s been a tough time.

My quarantine has surprisingly been a great time for me, due to all the activities I was able to do. Being in year 12, I would always match the school day by doing work from 9am to 3pm. I am quite proud that I have been able to save money, by not having to use public transport or getting unnecessary snacks along the school journey. I did a variety of things, which included: playing basketball in my garden, playing the wii, cooking new dishes and meals, reading a book, playing my PlayStation, talking to friends on social media platforms and bonding with my family. I have mostly enjoyed watching the Marvel movies with my dad, as it allowed the two of us to spend time with each other. Furthermore, having watched them all before, it allowed me to explain to my father anytime he got confused or didn’t know the link between movies.

This quarantine has been hard for a lot of people, especially being isolated from each other. One thing I always do is check on everyone because some people just want to talk and spend time with people, something quarantine has limited. We need to check on everyone, making sure everyone is okay, the only way people can get through this is by working together.