Talia kensit - My experience: Going to Uni in a New City

Talia got involved with Nutmeg as a Youth Action Team member while studying for her A Levels in Edgware. When choosing which university she wanted to go to she made a big decision to move to a new city, far away from home. Read about her experiences here:

Going to university, firstly, is an absolutely amazing experience, and I’ve only been there for 4 months! I moved from Barnet all the way up to Liverpool, so inevitably it was a bit of a cultural change, not just the city itself but the people who I was now living around. I can imagine it would be the same anywhere you move out of London, as there really isn’t a city quite like ours, but the best thing you can do before you move is go and see the city! Do not leave it up to pictures online or other people’s opinions, get up and go and have a day out!

UCAS and A-Levels are extremely daunting, stressful and can really push you out of your comfort zone, but once they are over and you have your offer it really is the best feeling.

I was never expected to achieve much as a younger teen, and had to push myself and sacrifice things to get to where I wanted to be – so if I can do it, pretty sure anybody can, believe me!

I have met some amazing people, potential lifelong friends, and matured as a person in ways you wouldn’t really get the chance to do if you decided to stay at home – ie I can slightly cook now!

Don’t let university be solely about learning (although do that too), get out, move out, break out of your comfort zone and do not be afraid to try new things – good luck!