Sharon, 20

Studying Philosophy and Spanish at University

How did you get to where you are? Knowing that I have my family as a support system to guide me through life and learning from not only my but also the experiences of others.

Who or what inspires you? I find that I am easily inspired by the things that I see in everyday life. My older sisters are a constant source of inspiration for me but I am also inspired whenever someone else is passionate or just anything that I find particularly beautiful.

What have you found most challenging? As I'm a but of a perfectionist, self-image and self-doubt have always been an issue for me. I can work on something for an entirety but won't be satisfied if it is even a little off. Realising that things sometimes can't be absolutely perfect has been a breakthrough for me.

What have you found most rewarding? Definitely going to university and being able to view the world from a totally different perspective! Learning new things about people; finding a church of my own and finding a community where I am able to express myself fully with likeminded people is amazing.

What advice would you give others? Really listen to people when you are talking to them. How people talk to you vs how they talk to others can give an indication of whether that person should be in your life or not. And obviously the cliche of pursuing what you're interested in but, also the fact that it's okay to change your mind on what that thing is!