By Jerome

Jerome works to empower children and young people

How did you get to where you are? Through meeting people, giving genuine authentic value, service to others, building strong relationships and showing love, support, growth while also giving space realness.

Who or what inspires you? Amazing people inspire me beautiful moments, and negative shadows of the world inspire me to strike the balance and bring light to the world.

What have you found most challenging? Dealing and learning about myself , how I cope, how I heal and then in turn how I show up, for me how I experience myself is how I experience the world , so learning to love and nurture my being to then help the beings outside of me has been challenging as well as accepting my divine love.

What have you found most rewarding? Most rewarding is the process of the journey of seeing people grow which has been beautiful, creating moments which will stay with others and myself forever as well as an energy and feeling of that is undescribed but can break any barrier and create powerful interactions and spaces of growth.

What advice would you give others? My advice is don’t take my advice take your own advice as deep down you know, if I could offer you anything it would be to look in the mirror and recognise how amazing and beautiful you truly as as a creation, as if you really deep it you are a universe in itself.