Milli Matthews: The Anonymous Blogger

Milli is 24, a languages graduate interested in politics, the local community, and all things food.

Hello, my name is Milli and I am an occasional blogger. Don’t worry; I won’t be hurt or offended if you’ve never heard of me. Two of the main reasons for that might be that I have little to no following but also that I blog anonymously. No, I am not a troll nor did I hide my identity in order to slag people off. In fact, I wouldn’t imagine this to be particularly unusual given there are numerous websites providing tips on how to blog anonymously successfully. However, its appeal for me was that blogging provided an outlet of sorts. I began blogging during my second year of university as a way of opening up and saying stuff I wasn’t bold enough to say outside of the confines of my bedroom walls. It was mainly mundane, juvenile things, relating to boys and tales of unrequited love. I didn’t do it for validation or to reach a wide audience but it counselled me through the emotional turmoil. It was an opportunity to be shamelessly self-obsessed and even as I am writing this now I am conscious of the use of the first-person singular pronoun. The point I am trying to make is that it was therapeutic, cathartic dare I say it. Unfortunately blogging proved unable to solve all my problems but it did help. Whilst I am sometimes embarrassed by the content, I do get quite nostalgic looking back as each post provided a window into my mind at the time.