The IMPORTANCE of getting involved in the community.

Community involvement is SO crucial.

There is a song that most British people know and it goes along the lines of 'Our house in the middle of our street' (you can sing along don’t be shy). Each person no matter where you live is part of a community.
Community involvement is so crucial because the going ons of your community directly affects you and what you do! The crime rate in your community affects your security, the pollution in your local area affects your health, the bad roads affect your route to work or to school. Everything in your community directly affects you and so helping improve the 'bad' parts of your local are will only be good for you but for the good of the whole area.

Another reason why you should get involved in your community is because it is yours. It is something to be proud of, when you get involved in the community that you live in you start to take pride in its successes and rejoice in its victories. As the whole community begins to do this it starts to form bonds of companionship with its neighbours which creates a happy place to live in.

Everyone deserves a happy, healthy and thriving community and we can be the ones to provide that for not only ourselves but also the future generation that is going to live there, we need to lead by example. If the younger generation do not see us doing it then they will not either and then each community will turn into simply just a collection of individuals that just happen to live within one geographical constituency and that is not what we want. I hope in the future we all envision a community where children can play outside with out fear, where people actually know their neighbours and ultimately one where we all get along for the betterment of society.

Change starts with a little thing that has a big impact, so get involved in anything whether it be a charity, or cleaning up the streets or anything that you can think of to improve the community that you live in.