West Hendon Fun day.

Read all about the fun we had at the West Hendon Fun Day

The West Hendon fun day took place in the community center - which by large is the heart of the community - and what a fun day it was. The day was filled with young children from all over the community coming down on the last weekend of summer to enjoy themselves with their family and friends. There was a bouncy castle as well as a magician. The children all sat around the magicians stand enchanted by the magic tricks that he was doing, not having a care in the world, laughing, playing and completely forgetting that they had school that following Monday.
Not only was the day fun but it was informative. Different organisations from around the community set up stalls to inform people about the things that are going on in the local area. There was a range of stalls including one from Barnet Homes, the RAF and NUTMEG.
On the NUTMEG stall we had a question to ask the people and it was the very challenging one of -pause for dramatic effect - "Can money buy happiness?". We asked the people to put a ball in one of the cylinders either marked yes or no depending on whether or not they thought money can buy happiness. At the end of the day the community answered NO, money cannot buy happiness!
Stay tuned for the up coming video to watch our interviews with the local people and to watch the tally live in action.