Grahame Park Open Air Cinema

Recap of the amazing evening at Grahame Parks out door cinema

On a cool summer night an out door cinema took place in The Grahame Park Estate. Over 170 people of all different ages gathered on the greenery to watch the classic movie The Goonies. This choice of movie was chosen by the community at the Urban Games event that was held in Grahame Park in late August.
To make this amazing event happen Barnet groups partnered with Genesis housing to bring entertainment for all. With a big screen on the greenery they not only played the movie but took the chance to support smaller scale production companies such as UpShot entertainment by showing the companies award winning short film, illegal activity; which was shot in Grahame Park and features youth from the local area.
Us, as a NUTMEG team, were at the event as a supporting role but also we were there to interview the organisers and local residents about what the evening was all about and why they think that events such as theses are important for community cohesion.
Stay tuned for the video.