Burnt Oak Multicultural Parade 2016

Burnt Oak Multicultural Parade at Silkstream Park

For the third consecutive year, Nutmeg Community worked in partnership with the Burnt Oak Residents Association and All Together Burnt Oak to deliver the Burnt Oak multicultural parade. Held on Saturday 17 September, the event brought together people from different backgrounds and cultures to celebrate social diversity.

A diverse range of communities and schools took part in the parade which started at Edgware Community Hospital and ended at Silkstream Park, where the main event took place.

At Silkstream Park there were sporting activities, food and drink stands, small business stands, children’s activity stands and many more. Our co-founder led engagement activities on the stage where schools, dance groups and general members of the public performed to showcase their talents.

Our youth ambassadors engaged members of the public by asking if they trusted their neighbours. The results were positive as the majority did trust their neighbours and activity proved to be a success as it encouraged people to want to go and meet their neighbours if they haven’t done so.