Calling young achievers to share their thoughts!

September 2018 marks Nutmeg’s 10 year anniversary and over the next 4 months we’re going to run a series of activities to celebrate this occasion.

We're looking for passionate, ambitious and positive young leaders to write a short article that we can share on our website to inspire others. If you wish to take part, please answer the questions below and try to keep your article between 250 – 300 words:

- What’s your passion and why?

- What steps are you taking to pursue your passion?

- Explain how one of the points below has helped/ is helping you pursue your passion?
• Unity
• Education
• Inspiration
• Creativity

- What advice would you give to other young people that want to achieve?

Completed articles should be emailed to by end of June 2018. You’ll get a special edition Nutmeg jumper if we publish your responses online.

Get a piece of da peace!