Peer Mentors empowered to inspire

A2b (aim to be), our peer mentoring scheme supported by The Barnet Group, is running in 3 secondary schools within the London Borough of Barnet - London Academy, Hendon and Whitefield.








181 young people were involved in the scheme between September 2014 – 31 March 2015, consisting of 94 mentors and 87 mentees. Both mentors and mentees have responded positively to their experience and schools highlight a number of beneficial outcomes.

“Before I was seeing my mentor I had 9 internal exclusions but when I started seeing mentor the amount of internals stopped”, Yr 7 mentee at Hendon School

“Working with young children helped me realise my career path” Sharmarke, Peer Mentor at Hendon School

The video below shows the amazing contribution of peer mentors and the huge impact the scheme is making.