Hazel, 24

Hazel is a law graduate and a Nutmeg ambassador

How did you get to where you were? I decided to study Law at University to get my foot in the door and give me a greater chance of exposure in the workplace. After graduating in 2018, I decided to do some voluntary work whilst also working part time to be able to qualify for administrative roles. I have now managed to secure a full time job admin support role within the Courts, which has allowed me to see how it operates and the different departments and professionals involved in ensuring that the service runs efficiently.


Who or what inspires you? My mother and late grandmother as they are all about commitment, and perseverance, which has inspired me to mirror those qualities in everything I do. Also my family as a whole as they are very supportive and push me to work hard. Finally seeing people from ethnic minority backgrounds succeeding inspires me, as some of us have come from less privileged backgrounds. I personally have seen how hard my parents have worked to create a stable environment for me to live in and grow to achieve my full potential.

What have you found the most challenging? Since leaving university, I have found it quite difficult to adjust to adult life. After graduating, I realized that most of our education shelters us from the harsh realities of being an adult, and the responsibilities that come from it. One has to learn how to manage their finances, adapt to the workplace, and manage their time outside work and so on.


What have you found the most rewarding? Being able to take some time out after University. Before I started working, I was able to volunteer with Volunteering Services Overseas in Bangladesh on a project focusing on governance and engaging youth club members in community affairs. Before I left, I had to raise £800.00 which was meant to go towards the charity and the community. It was very challenging as I had never fundraised before, but after some mentoring and perseverance I managed to exceed the target raising £962.30. It was also quite hard adjusting to the culture and being away from home, but it was a very rewarding experience.


What advice would you give others? Don’t be afraid to try something new. If there is something that you want to do, no matter how unconventional it may be, go for it because you never know what opportunity or reward can come from it.