By Gloria, aged 13

Lockdown! Once it was announced, I felt as if my social life had completely shattered. It was as if I was blocked from the outside world, my friends and my extended family. The only way to communicate “face to face” was through a phone or computer screen. It wasn’t that bad, the only problem was that every second the call froze and not a single word could be heard or movement seen.

I began to hate quarantine more and more. However, a few weeks into it, I listened to a sermon which completely changed my attitude towards quarantine. Two phrases stuck with me, “stepping stone” and “stumbling blocks”. It really inspired me and I decided to think of quarantine as a stepping stone not a stumbling block. Therefore, instead of complaining about being stuck at home, I decided to use this free time wisely by: baking cakes, hairstyling and have surprisingly begun to workout. I’ve also started to do is set more goals, for example I’m trying to read 6 books in 2 months. I’m also trying to bond and learn more about my brother, since all we tend to do is basically annoy each other.

I believe that whatever obstacles may come your way, there is always a solution. Just try to get the best out of it. I believe that everything happens for a reason. So try using this time to learn new things, self-reflect and also spend time with your family (if you can). Remember, unless you really need to go out, stay home and stay safe!