By Izabelle, aged 11

It was a fine spring morning. As usual, lessons began, and before I knew it, it was lunchtime. Near the end of our lunch break, the Deputy assistant called me and asked if I had a recent dry cough. My response was, "Yes Miss, it started yesterday." And with that she took me to the medical room.

The medic asked me a few questions and said, "You will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days." I was very surprised and couldn’t hide the grin on my face. NO SCHOOL FOR 14 DAYS = EXTRA FUN HOLIDAY FOR ME!!! Right? Wrong! What I didn't know was that this was the beginning of a new change, one that was not going to affect just me, but the whole world.

Lockdown for me was a time of development and I have accomplished numerous things. I have improved my drawing skills (I am especially fond of my anime girls); baked a scrumptious cake with my little sister, Emma and helped my mum with chores around the house. What I have grown in the most is my prayer time and spending more time with God. I lay still in His presence and listen to His kind, sweet, loving voice telling me, "I love you Izabelle." I am also investing in reading and understanding the Bible and putting it into practice. This involves doing a Bible Study on Skype three times a week. Another astonishing thing is something my entire family is involved in: The Ark Toddlers' Group. Each Friday we post a Youtube video containing rhymes and a story for toddlers. My Dad, who is training to become a programmer, edits them. The children enjoy them and that brings us joy.

Overall, this has been a time for reflection and realizing that family is important. Realizing that peace is important. Our world has become more attentive and people are starting to care for one another. My family offered to help and deliver food to families in need. When our grandparents felt lonely, my sister and myself would ring them and just the sound of our voices would comfort them. But the most important thing was that God cared for all of us like no one else.

Nahum 1:7 “The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.”